#1 All Natural
Pet Shampoo Bar

Made with No Plastic, No Harsh Chemicals, and No Added Fragrance.

Made in USA and with 9 ingredients that you can pronounce.

It’s also travel-safe and long-lasting, so it’s the perfect choice for the adventurous pet parent.

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This soap is AWESOME. It smells clean and natural, not "chemically clean". I definitely recommend this product, specially if you also have little monsters like the ones I have here that love to roll on mud.


The Dog Vacation - Organic and Natural Pet Shampoo Bar, Safe for Dogs Cats, Gentle, No Fragrance, Eco-Friendly, Puppy Essentials, Shampoo for Dogs and Cats with Sensitive Skin - Oats and Honey 4.4 Oz

The ingredient list is short and you know what each one is, unlike some with a ton of chemicals in it. The soap lathers up nicely and feels moisturizing, but still rinses clean. It also comes with a little wooden board to store it on to dry.


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