6 Paw-some Instaworthy Things to Do in Lake Como with Your Dog

menaggio town center with dog in lake como italy
Visiting Lake Como with your dog will be an unforgettable experience that will strengthen your bond.

Dogs are colorblind. So will they even appreciate all the time, money and effort it’ll take to visit Lake Como with you? We say yes! We believe there’s more to Lake Como, Italy than just the views. Although the views are also pretty spectacular. Keep reading to learn what we consider the top 6 Instaworthy, dog friendly things to do at Lake Como with your dog.

lake como dog friendly things to do, top instagram spots lake como
Bodhi visiting Villa Monastero

There is a very cute, picturesque town center in Menaggio, Lake Como, Italy. This area is located just a few minutes from the town’s pier and is home to many bars, restaurants, and ice cream parlors with splendid lake views just across the street.

Grab a gelato from one of the many ice cream parlors in this area and take a walk down by the lake or around the historic center of Menaggio. The historic center is completely flat, making it accessible to people with reduced mobility. You might want to check out Via Calvi as well! It’s a small pedestrian street that is home to small boutiques and shops selling local products.

swimming in lake como with your dog; dog friendly lake como
Exploring Lake Como by boat
can i bring my dog to italy?
Swimming in Lake Como with Bodhi

Lake Como is not a place that you should only experience by land. The views from the water can absolutely take both yours and your dog’s breath away — even if your dog may not be able to see all the colors! There are many different types of boat tours available to you at Lake Como. However we recommend going to the Belliago ports as they offer the most boat tours and are the most accommodating.

You should also anchor the boat and take a swim! If you take a public boat tour and do not have the option to do this, then don’t worry. You can take your dog to Bau Bau Beach. It is located at the end of Viale dei Giardini on the Varenna town side. The beach is located in a quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. The beach is clean and well-maintained and also offers plenty of trees and shrubs for dogs to shade under.

Have a drink and relax with your dog at Il Bar Molo

This place is a MUST when you’re in Lake Como. Located on the Varenna town side (you will need to take the ferry to get here if you’re in Menaggio or Belliago). Il Bar Molo is a total instaworthy spot, and we’re sure you’ve seen pictures online. Cue the bright yellow seat cushions and iconic lake views! There are plenty of outdoor seating, so you and your dog can relax and have a bite to eat here or just a drink. 

This place is always crowded during high season, so we recommend you call them to reserve seats. Most places in Lake Como only take reservations by phone and not online. We would consider the prices here about average — not too expensive but also not cheap. 

Villa Monastero + Villa Cipressi gardens with dog in lake como italy
On the stairs in the gardens of Villa Monastero
Villa Monastero + Villa Cipressi gardens with dog in lake como italy
Bodhi looking at the view Villa Monastero

Visit Villa Monastero + Villa Cipressi together!

There are plenty of lovely villas that will transport you back to the 1800s in Lake Como. However, our two favorites are Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi. Both villas are dog friendly, with gorgeous gardens and views (perfect for Instagram)!

They’re also located right next to each other in Varenna — you can visit both in one outing! Admission is €9 each or €15 for a combined ticket that includes admission to both. Please note that the villas and gardens are only open from March to November.

explore charming streety of belliago, lake como, italy
Walking down the streets in Belliago, Lake Como

Explore the charming streets of Belliago.

When you come to Lake Como with your dog, one thing you absolutely need to do is visit Bellagio’s narrow streets. It’s also free to do! You can check out plenty of the stores there and also stop by a place to eat or have a drink. We don’t recommend you keep an itinerary because getting lost and wandering through these streets is part of the magical experience.

The main town center of Belliago is known as Il Borgo. There is only one ferry that takes you into Bellagio if you’re arriving by boat from other ports. So make sure you keep up with the ferry times.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as the alleyways have many steps. If stairs are an issue, you can explore the streets around the town.

lake como dog friendly things to do. top activities, dog friendly europe
At T Beach waiting for our seats

Book a beach chair or have lunch at Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Treat yourself and your dog to a nice afternoon by either booking a beach chair at the famous T Beach, or grabbing lunch at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.  We are sure you’ve seen the photos online — you know, the gorgeous orange and white stripped umbrellas? Those umbrellas are iconic for good reason. Annually, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo swaps out the old umbrellas and imports new ones. This keeps them looking fresh and vibrant for guests every season.

You will want to call ahead or book ahead through their website if you’d like to reserve a beach chair for the day. During high season, this is an absolute must or you will likely not get seated. For lunch or dining however, walk-ins are allowed. We do suggest you book ahead if possible though, as it gets crowed very fast. They have 3 restaurants to choose from if you want options on where to dine. An added fun perk here is that your dog will 100% get the royal treatment! I mean, just look at their premium orange, bone shaped dog bowls! 

lake como dog friendly things to do, top instagram spots lake como
Bodhi taking a nap at Grand Hotel Tremezzo
travel dog bodhi at hotel tremezzo lake como italy
Premium orange dog food and water bowl at Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are dogs allowed in Lake Como?


Dogs are 100% welcomed in Lake Como. Many hotels are pet friendly and will also bring your dog treats and water upon checking in. There are so many places you can take your dog with you as well. 

Where Can I Take My Dog in Lake Como?

Pretty much everywhere in Lake Como is dog friendly. Italians love dogs and welcome them with open arms. You can take them on the ferry and trains! Any place that has outdoor seating or is outdoors will allow you to bring your dog. 

Some places will even allow dogs inside, you just need to call ahead in most cases to confirm. We list the 5 top Instagram worthy spots to take your dog above as well.

What are the best dog friendly places in Lake Como?

The top dog friendly areas and places in Lake Como are Belliago, Menaggio and Varenna. These three towns on the coast of the lake are all easily accessible by the ferry — which is also dog friendly!

We hope you found this article helpful! 

Peace out,

Travel Dog Bodhi 🐶

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