Step by Step Guide: An European Union Pet Passport For Your Dog 2023

How to bring your dog to Europe from the US in 2023. How To Get An European Pet Passport For Your Dog
Get your dog an European Union pet passport! Lifetime Europe travels. Step by Step guide on process, costs, and essential requirements.

Last year we travelled to Europe for 3 weeks and left Bodhi at home. This year we couldn’t leave him behind so we did everything we could to ensure he could travel with us. We didn’t know at first dogs are able to get an European Union Pet Passport, but once we looked into the process it was actually quiet straightforward!

Europe is very dog friendly, with plenty of cafes, restaurants and activities that accommodate dogs (and cats)! Everywhere we went from South of France, to Italy, to Switzerland everyone kept telling us they wished they brought their dog too but didn’t know how. Because of all the questions we got, we wanted to help make a guide on the whole process. This is a guide on how to help you get your dog an European Union EU Pet Passport for 2023.

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What is an European Union Pet Passport?

An European Union pet passport is like any other normal passport a person could get. It’s a document that verifies who you are, where you’re from and allows you entry into different countries. An European EU pet passport does that as well but for your dog, cat, or ferret (check here for more about what pets are allowed in different EU countries). 

Where is the European Union Pet Passport Accepted?

The European Union pet passport allows your dog, cat, or ferret to enter any countries that is a member of the European Union. Full list of countries listed on their official site here. Outside of that, the UK (Great Britain), Norway and Switzerland also honor the European Union pet passport even though those countries are not a part of the European Union.

Check out our dog friendly Switzerland guide to see what we did with Bodhi in Switzerland!

Discover Switzerland dog friendly activities 2023
European Union pet passport 2023

How Do I Get An European Union Pet Passport for My Dog?

For US Citizen

If you are from the US, then the easiest way to obtain an European Union pet passport for your dog, is to actually get one in Europe. I know so helpful 🙄 but honestly it’s worth it in the long run if you plan on visiting pretty much anywhere in Europe, with your dog, more than once. Getting the European Union pet passport will save you thousands of dollars over the course of your dog’s life! 

You will have to travel into Europe first with your dog, and from there meet with a vet who can issue your dog an
European Union EU dog pet passport. We recommend flying into Paris and getting one done there. We were very happy with our experience, the staff spoke great English as well, and they loved Bodhi! 

Once you decide where in Europe you want to get your EU pet passport you have to see what requirements will be needed to allow your pet to enter into that country. Do not choose the UK, Switzerland, or Norway as the point of entry from the US. We made this mistake and it cost us thousands of dollars to fix. The process to bring your dog from US to UK/Norway/Switzerland is very complex and will give you a headache. 

When should you start EU Pet Passport process?

We also recommend you call or email ahead to book an appointment with a vet before you fly. We booked our vet visit 1-2 months before our flight date to ensure Bodhi would be seen by the vet that does pet passports. Again, make sure that the vet you’re going to see in Europe is able to issue your dog an EU pet passport.  

The vet will preform a general health check up as well, as it’s part of the pet passport routine. 

How Much Does an European Union Pet Passport Cost?

Well, if you include the flight cost then it could be pricey.

However, here is our bill breakdown from the vet:

65 € (~$71) for the consultation 
25 € (~$27) for the pet passport
90 € (~$98) total

* Please note this is just the cost of getting his European Union EU dog pet passport. This price does not include the cost of flying with Bodhi.

General Tips

We recommend that you take your dog with you on vacation! Because most of the time you’ll probably be thinking of him/her anyways 😜. 

Our tips:

  • Plan at least 3 months ahead of time. You will need to get a lot of vet visits in before your flight date if you’re flying with your dog to Europe from the US. We had to do 3 vet visit to ensure our smooth trip to Europe with Bodhi. 
  • If you do not want to vaccinate your dog, then it will not be possible to bring them to Europe
  • You will also have to get your dog microchipped (usually this is done when your dog got neutered/spayed)
  • Double check with the official USA website here as well as the EU official website here for up to date regulations, updates and changes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to get European Union Pet Passport?

When you’re at the European vet appointment, you’ll get the pet passport the same day. 

However, that’s the easy part. You will need at least 1-3 months of planning ahead so that you can enter your chosen European union country and meet all the requirements (such as health check up, international health certificate, rabies vaccine, etc.).

How can I take my dog from USA to Europe?

You’ll first need to decide on what European country you are entering. From there you will need to see what the requirements are so your dog can fly with you.

Be sure to check the countries requirement (official site of requirements here) as well as the airline’s requirements. You will want at least 3 months to plan ahead of your flight date.

Do I need a passport for my dog to travel to Europe?

You do not need an EU pet passport for your dog unless you plan on traveling in Europe with your dog for more than 90 days. However, the European Union EU dog pet passport makes it easier for your dog to travel across Europe.

How dog friendly is Europe?

Europe is extremely dog friendly. We did not have a lot of issues wherever we go. Most restaurants, hotels, cafes, and activities allow dogs. There are also many dog parks everywhere we went as well!

Can I travel within Europe with my dog?

Yes! You can travel within Europe with your dog. We highly recommend traveling with your dog all around Europe.

How much does it cost to take your dog to Europe?

It really depends on where you’re flying from and what season/month you’re flying. However most airlines allow dogs (17 pounds of less) to travel in the cabin with you for around $100-250. Trains, metros, buses, ferries and most public transit in Europe usually allow dogs to travel with you for free. However, bigger dogs (17 pounds and above) will usually have to pay an additional fee (but not always). 

European Union pet passport 2023

We hope you found this article helpful! 

Peace out,

Bodhi The Wiener 🐶

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  1. I came across your site about UE travel with Bodhi and it felt like a sign. I have the opportunity to travel in a month and a half, but I can’t leave my dachshund either! I checked all the requirements and contacted my vet to set up appointments, but got discouraged by your mention of a necessary minimum of three months! Can I ask why in case I’m missing something? I’m heading to Germany, and it seems the requirements are a chip and rabies vaccine at least 21 days before, and a health certificate that is good for 30 days. Looks like I can pull this off in a month? Please let me know if I’m dead wrong! Thank you so much.

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  5. Hi, I brought my dog with me to Germany, then we traveled to France. We are heading to the UK soon and the vet in France is telling me she will have to re-vaccinate him for rabies (as she says only the person issuing the EU pet passport can enter the vaccine info, but he was given the 3 year rabies vaccine two months ago so we could enter the EU) and that we have to have a permanent address in France. How did you get around these requirements? Thank you!

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