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Our journey started with a surprising revelation: our dog Bodhi struggled with self-esteem. We brought him home in May 2022, excited for a new furry family member. With our work from home lifestyles and thorough research — we thought we knew what to expect with a new puppy. Wrong!

Bodhi was excessively barking day in and day out. And it would only get louder with each passing week. At a loss of what to do, we enlisted the help of a professional dog trainer. Our trainer shed light on the issue — Bodhi was lacking confidence around other dogs and people. Even though we socialized him extensively, his uncertainty persisted. Then, during a trip to Europe in October 2022, we left Bodhi behind. Seeing other travelers with their pets made us realize that maybe traveling would be what Bodhi needed. Fast forward to now, Bodhi is a seasoned traveler who is no longer an anxious, aggressive barker but a joyful dog full of self confidence and wanderlust.

We’re now on a mission to encourage fellow dog or cat parents to bring their pets along on adventures. It’s not as hard as it seems and has worked wonders for Bodhi’s confidence and our happiness.


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Meet The Traveling Family

Meet Bodhi!

Bodhi is a one-year-old traveling wiener dog who is always up for an adventure. Trained from a young age to be a travel companion, Bodhi has already clocked over 10,000 miles on his paws. He has traveled to 7 countries and over 35 cities worldwide!

Meet his humans!

Angela Le and Brad Pauer! Angela and Brad have both worked in the tech industry, (Google & Starburst Data), fashion, and entertainment space. Together they bring 10+ years of digital marketing, social media, sales, videography and photography expertise.